Skatebording to class at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

2019 - Senior Robotics Engineer at Boston Dynamics.

2019 - Software Engineer at Aurora Innovation.

2017--2019 - Head of Simulation at (YouTube videos)

From 2013-2015 I worked on the MIT DARPA Robotics Challenge Team. (YouTube videos)

From 2014-2017 I was a PhD candidate at MIT as a member of the Robot Locomotion Group.

From 2008-2013 I was an R&D Engineer at Kitware, Inc.

I have a M.S. in computer science from MIT (2016) and a B.S. in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2008).

At RPI I was a member of the CS Robotics Lab and worked on the DVC project.

Some of my interests are robotics, parallel computing, and scientific visualization.

I hiked the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL from Mexico to Canada in 2003. The trip took five months. See more.

UPDATE: In 2016 I hiked the trail again with my wife! Here's our trip blog.
I like skateboarding. Here I am skating in a pool near Albany, NY.
I used to have a pet octopus. He was very entertaining. See more.
I grow various kinds of carnivorous plants. Here are some.
I love to snowboard. Here I am hitting a jump on a hill in Troy, NY. Thanks for taking this wonderful picture, Bonnie!
I also love winter hiking expeditions. Here we are climbing Mt. Madison in the White Mountains.
In 2001 I built a robot for entry in the International Trinity College Firefighting Home Robot Competition. I did pretty well and made it into the papers! Read the article. You can also see complete photo documentation.
Here I am riding up a steep rock during a family trip to Moab, Utah. I learned to ride in the woods in NH and have my motorcycle license. Moab trip.
I spent a week in Rincon surfing, watch out for the coral reef! Mostly I ride smaller waves in New England on a 9'2" board. The best waves in NE are in the winter time, so don't forget your wetsuit.
Here's a picture of my Watchman Goby and Tiger Pistol Shrimp. Here is a movie of the pair.
Read about goby symbiosis.
Read about shrimp sonoluminescence.
Me at the summit of Mt. Lafyette. See more.
Here's me at 14,505 feet, the summit of Mt. Whitney. See more.
I like music. I have a growing collection of concert videos. See what I've got.
Here's my old dog, Seri. RIP.