Forest Fires

The PCT led through this burned forest for about an hour. This relativly small forest fire was probably a mile in radius. It's eerie standing among the burned tree trunks and imagining a fire encompassing the entire area. Picture taken in Oregon. Here is another picture from the same area:

This next picture is of me walking through the Mather forest fire. This forest fire was about 5 years old and it was huge! It was 180,000 acres! The PCT crossed through it for about 10 miles. Usually it wasnt very fun to walk through burned trees because you are so exposed to the sun and the ground is very dusty with soot, but this one was cool because tall grass had taken over the forest floor, it was a magical land! Also it was only a half day from kenneday meadows, and reaching kennedy meadows was a big deal, it marked the end of the desert and the begining of the high sierras. Excitement was in the air. We were practically running down the trail at parts.

You can see where the forest fire stopped at the top of the hill. San Felipe Hills, southern California

A burned PCT post.