Spring wildflowers in the San Felipe Hills grow out of an old forest fire. More forest fire stuff here.

I decided to put this picture first to show how beautiful the desert can be. It was easy to forget, and think only of the worst parts. But somehow you put up with the pains the desert threw at you, and in the end it was worth it.

Noah standing next to a big crazy lookin' Joshua Tree. Notice the water jug strapped to his back.

Mojave wind farm. You can find another cool picture of these windmills on the sunset page, click here.

A big water cache. The desert section of the PCT would not be possible without water caches. In long waterless stretches "trail angels" (friendly locals) would stash water jugs along jeep roads in the desert, reducing a 60 mile waterless stretch into two somewhat more managable 30 mile waterless stretches.

Antelope Valley, part of the Mojave desert. Ahead to the north are the Tehacheppi mountains. The next picture was taken from about the same location, looking south at the mountains we came from:

If you look really hard you can kind of see a rattle snake sitting at the bottom of the post. It was a Mojave Green. I couldn't get any closer to take a picture because this snake was really agressive, if you got within ten feet it would charge at you.